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Munich Re's US Life Reinsurer

We offer our business partners unsurpassed financial strength, dedication, focus and vision to help them manage their individual and group life and health insurance risks.

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Munich Re's US Life Reinsurer

For 130 years, Munich Re has been a pillar of financial strength, supporting its clients with innovative ways of understanding and managing risk on a global basis.  For over 50 years, Munich American Reassurance Company has brought that strength and expertise to the US life insurance market.

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Latest news

07.11.2014 | Article

Dr. Gina Guzman's article explores hereditary Hemochromatosis along with an easy-to-understand approach to underwriting this disorder. Reprinted with permission of ON THE RISK, Journal of the Academy of Life Underwriting,

06.03.2014 | White Paper

The Evolution of Reinsurance: A historical review of how the concept of risk management has evolved over time.
White Paper

05.22.2014 | Press Release

Munich Re survey finds nine in 10 life insurance underwriters believe
e-cigarette users should be considered smokers.
Press Release

05.14.2014 | White Paper

Underwriting and testing of frailty
of mature age applicants involves established testing and strong observation.
White Paper

05.13.2014 | Life Reinsurance Survey

The 2013 Life Reinsurance Survey results are now available. To view the results visit the Publications page.

05.05.2014 | Press Release

Munich Re introduces stroke content in its EDGE Underwriting Manuals.
Press Release

04.29.2014 | Press Release

Bill Moore recognized as Top 24 Creative People in Insurance.
Press Release

04.09.2014 | White Paper

With the use of e-cigarettes on the rise, the debate over tobacco product vs. drug delivery service is intensifying.
White Paper

04.02.2014 | White Paper

Mature Age Underwriting: Using cognitive impairment testing to
identify early stages of dementia.
White Paper

03.06.2014 | White Paper

Mature Age Underwriting: Adapting to the growing Baby Boomer and Silent Generation populations.
White Paper

02.07.2014 | White Paper

With the Winter Olympics underway, Munich Re looks at the impact of severe brain trauma injuries on life insurance risk assessment.
White Paper

11.21.2013 | Web Release

A.M. Best Affirms Ratings of Munich American Reassurance Company.
Web Release

10.21.2013 | Press Release

Munich Re introduces breast cancer content in its EDGE Underwriting Manuals.
Press Release